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The Story of Muscle Beach Invite.

Come join us for the annual Muscle Beach Invite to honor the history of gymnastics and all of the great athletes that have competed at Muscle Beach in sunny Santa Monica California. Beginning in 1934 Muscle Beach was the birthplace of the United States physical fitness boom including training areas for gymnastics, acro and weightlifting. Come together as we embrace the physical culture and go down history lane with this Vintage Beach Themed competition! 


What began as a venue for people in Santa Monica, to watch acrobats, gymnasts, wrestlers, stuntmen and stuntwomen practice their fantastical acts for films being shot during the Great Depression (to distract people’s attention from their own financial crises), the Original Muscle Beach, located just south of Santa Monica Pier, quickly became a popular attraction in LA County for beachgoers and athletes alike. 


​International fame continued to grow around  muscle beach in Los Angeles and gymnasts and athletes from all over contributed to it by providing their own gym equipment like bars, benches and weights, to help widen the breadth of activities that were offered at the park today! Visitors will still find plenty of retro gym equipment like parallel bars, rings and ropes in the area that gave way to Original Muscle Beach’s fame.

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