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Broadway Gymnastics  Foundation 


The Broadway Gymnastics Foundation, formed in Santa Monica in 1983, is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization established to provide opportunities in gymnastics for young people who are financially or developmentally disadvantaged. The Mission Statement, “Helping Children Grow”, indicates our desire to help children achieve their best through gymnastics regardless of economic status or ability level.


The Broadway Gymnastics Foundation is working hard on the preparations to host the upcoming Muscle Beach Invitational. This competition is tons of fun and a wonderful way to see our home gymnasts compete! We are gearing up for 2,000+ athletes from across the United States and the world to join us in Los Angeles California. The level of gymnastics will be from the beginning competitor through gymnasts reaching for their dreams of Olympic Gold.


The goals of the Muscle Beach Invitational are to provide a professional competition and cultural exchange for all of the gymnasts. Along with providing an International Competition on the West Coast, we hope to raise funds to support our projects for the children in our community: Venice, Santa Monica, El Segundo, the Westside and the Greater Los Angeles Area. We support youth gymnastics scholarship programs by providing scholarships based on financial needs and individual merit to local children within our community and supporting competitive athletes in reaching their goals. We are committed to producing an outstanding competition for all.


Our belief is that gymnastics has a place for everyone, at any level, whether the gymnast is looking to learn a new sport, participate in a team, stay in shape, or hopes to become an Olympic competitor!


Join us in our dream! Our dreams are made possible by the support from our community. 100% of your donation received supports the Broadway Gymnastics Foundation and it’s a collaborative effort from our community partners. If you have a way to help please contact us!

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